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What is Analog High Definition (AHD) Technology ?

AHD means Analog High Definition. AHD technology is able to realize long distance on a transmission line (500 meters) HD video signal reliable transmission based on the existing analog; The adoption of advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology can effectively reduce the color noise on high frequency area with better real images.

            AHD Camera

Which is the best, HDCVI, AHD or TVI Analog HD technologies ?

 HD-over-coaxial solution prevails in analog video surveillance applications. The latest HD-over-coaxial solutions include AHD, ccHDtv, HD-CVI, HD-MDI, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, all these new technologies support high definition video transmitting over traditional coaxial cable.

HD-over-coaxial, the technology should meet the following six basic requirements:

  1. High quality images which have good clarity, true color reproduction, as well as high signal filtering, noise reduction
  2. Must transmit signal through coaxial cable, as HD-over-coaxial is claimed as a breakthrough technology, it must transmit signals for a longer distance
  3. The video recording/storage equipment must be back compatible with the 960H format, as well as the future compatibility with analog splitters and matrix systems must be considered.
  4. Video transmission should not be subject to no compression quality loss, no video latency.
  5. Easy to use and operate, supports hassle-free configurations on both front-end and back-end devices.
  6. Low-cost, but high quality solution

Among the latest analog high definition technologies, the HD-TVI and AHD are quite new. HD-TVI was developed by USA company - Techpoint. This new analog HD technology has been deployed into Hikvision's analog security products. Hikvision takes advantage of HD-TVI technology in order to against Dahua HD-CVI.

AHD stands for analog high definition, AHD is based on AHD standard which developed by Korean chip-set manufacturer - NextChip. AHD is able to deliver uncompressed 720p / 1080p high definition video over Cat 75-3 coaxial cable, and transmission distance up to 500 meters. This technology breakthrough the current HD video transmission limitation (<= 100 meters), it can achieve low-cost, long range, no video latency, high efficient megapixel resolution video transmission.

Both HD-TVI and AHD are open standard, which allows hundreds of manufacturers develop analog security cameras based on these technologies. Additionally, compared with other technologies, the cost for HD-TVI and AHD is extreme low, end-users can enjoy the analog high definition video surveillance with same price as traditional analog camera.


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