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What is a RFID System ?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) first appeared in tracking and access applications during the 1985 . These wireless devices systems allow for non -contact reading and are effective in manufacturing and other hostile environments where barcode labels could not survive . RFID has established it self in a wide range of m ar ket s including livestock identification and automated vehicle identification (AVI) systems because of its ability to track moving objects .

What is an Attendance Monitoring System ?

An attendance-monitoring system serves as a time log that is set up as a computerized database. An attendance- monitoring system maintains a daily record of a person's arrival and departure time from work or school.

The attendance-monitoring system database is an application that contains electronic files about a person's history. An attendance-monitoring system contains a person's name, address, date of birth, medical history and attendance history.


What is a card based Attendance Monitoring System ?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based Attendance Monitoring System is a compact unit to monitor the employees attendance through proximity access ID cards. The cards are supplied with the unit. They serve dual purpose, for both identification and for time entry.

Attendance monitoring is very simple. This System assigns a unique card number for each employee. An employee places the RFID card within 10 cm distance from the RFID Reader. The RFID Reader writes down the time, date and type of departure / arrival. The type of arrival / departure is indicated on the LCD display. The display also indicates the current time.

One RFID Reader can hold up to 50,000/80,000 event records. There 30,000/50,000 or more number is the card resister capacity. The Interface software is responsible for attendance record processing and it produces attendance reports in the customer-preferred format.


Why a Computerized Attendance Monitoring System ?

    • Want a comprehensive, flexible and extensible yet user friendly time clock software for PC ?

    • Want to accurately track your employee time, attendance, punctuality and leave ?

    • Want to save time by drastically reduce the time spent in calculating employee worked hours and pay ?

    • Want to save money by not overpaying your employees ?

    • Want to instantly know which employee is in or out of the office ?

    • Want to prevent buddy punching (i.e. employee asking another employee to punch in/out for him) ?

    • Want to provide your managers the convenience of tracking employee attendance remotely from their own computers ?

    • Want to provide your employees the convenience of punching in/out on their own computers and at the same time have a secure network instant messaging system within your company ?

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